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Steve Case, through his emersion into the story, reminds us that the presence of the divine surrounds us continually and he teaches us how to tap into that presence.

 - Mary Beth Howe, Author:A Baptist Among Jews


Hey Hey Hey

Tooling around the internet I paid a visit to the Arizona Tea website. Arizona Tea has been good to us.  I once taught a lesson using Arizona Tea as part of the lesson.  I wrote a letter to the company and they were so pleased the sent us free stuff.  Nice people.

 Arizona Tea has entered the coffee market. In line with their other drinks named after athletes (Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer) the new beverage has a sports theme.  Joltin’ Joe.  Named after the famous baseball player Joe Demaggio.  For those of you with a knowledge of 70’s pop music may know the name from “Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away...hey hey hey.”  

 Joe Demaggio was also married to Marilyn Monroe.  He was spokes person for Mr Coffee when Mr Coffee first introduced their automatic coffee maker.  

 Arizona’s coffee beverage is labeled as a Sparkling Expresso.  So it’s a coffee soda. (Both Coke and Pepsi tried a coffee soda with limited results.)  The site also says its flavored with brown sugar.  So its a really sweet coffee soda.  Still I am intrigued.

 There was a book, a western, I read years ago called Lonesome Dove. It was about a team of cowboys who take a heard of cattle across the state. The cook in the story liked to put brown sugar in his coffee.  I had ever herd of such a thing.  In the book the moment rates a whole paragraph about putting enough sugar in the coffee to make it almost a syrup.  When the movie premiered the cook made is coffee in the background behind the two cowboys who were arguing. I watched the cook put the brown sugar in his coffee and stir.  If you had not read the book that moment would have slipped right by you. I caught it.  Yay me. Hey hey hey.

 On the can of Joltin Joe is a picture of a sullen Joe Demaggio taken from a nineteen forty-something baseball card.  Joe played for the Yankees but on the can the NY has been photo-shopped out.  A sharp eye-ed reviewer for bev-net.com caught the detail. I’ve been wondering why they felt the need?  

 Life is in the details.  The small moments. The blips and bleeps that exist only for a second and you miss them if you aren’t paying attention.  Hitchcock put himself in all of his films in the background somewhere.  In the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World,  every boyfriend has a number accept for Scott himself.  Yet he has a T-shirt that reads ZERO and he drinks coke-zero and he get’s called a zero.  In Back to the Future the name of the mall changes because of something Marty did in his own past. It’s never mentioned it’s only there for people who appreciate the details. 

 When Paul writes the new testament he likes to throw in words and phrases from the Old Testament without making a point of them.  In the Jewish study tradition when you ran across a word that seemed familiar you were told to go back in the text and find that word and study that passage to.  

 The old phrase “God is in the details” refers to the notion that whatever you are doing...do it throughly.  Yes, you have to wash both sides of the dish. Yes, you have to follow the recipe exactly.  The smallest ingredient in a batch of chocolate chip cookies is  baking soda.  Ever bake cookies and leave that one out?  Life works this way.

 Yes, we get tired. Yes, things slip by us. But when you learn to pay attention to life around you, you start to notice things.  Things others miss.  Pay attention to movies and books and you will those little treats the director put in just for people who pay attention. God makes all things work together like the workings of a clock.  Pay attention and you will find gifts that God put into the universe just for people who will appreciate it. Hey. Hey. Hey.


Pay attention.


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