Monday, July 3, 2017 at 11:14AM
Steve Case


Rainbow Ninjas on the attack.

They sneak around behind your back

What’s that sound? 

Do you hear them creep?

It’s nothing dear, go back to sleep.

They move like the wind and are quiet as stone

Don’t wander through the house alone. 

They’ll attack and punch and pull your hair

Steve is this story going anywhere?

What if your color changed with your attitude?

Yellow is happy and green is rude.

Red is angry and calm is blue

What would the world see 

when they look at you?

We do display our attitudes

Though it may not be through colors viewed.

But body language and tone of voice

But all these things are our own choice.

You can have a bad day without being a jerk

Because you bombed a test or forgot homework.

When your attitude is on display

You can push your closest friends away.

Who I am is up to me

I can run my day or my day runs me.

Yes it’s hard to smile sometimes I know

But when we let our colors show

We can see who’s hurt and who needs a friend

Who needs a swift kick in their own rear end.

When we push our feelings down this way

The color we show the world is gray

Gray skies gray roads gray trees gray mood

It’s all about the attitude

Let someone in when you need assistance

Don’t put up walls and armed resistance

Talk to parent or teacher or friend

Not to those who would condescend

You’ll soon see a light 

and the world gets brighter

Your colors will shine lighter and lighter

Then you can see who else is gray

Who needs some orange poured in their day.

Because you’ve been there, you understand

You’ve had your soul inside crash land.

But after the night comes the break of day

When ALL the colors are on display.

This light that lights the world is you.

You decide what you will do.


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