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Steve Case, through his emersion into the story, reminds us that the presence of the divine surrounds us continually and he teaches us how to tap into that presence.

 - Mary Beth Howe, Author:A Baptist Among Jews


God & Oreos

I am reviving my blog.
I am also dieting. So...hang on, this could go strangely.
Did you know the pattern on the Oreo cookie was created by a company that also created communion wafers?  Look at the cookie. See the two barred cross?  Add the circle and it looks similar to the logo for the United Church of Christ.   


As blasphemous as this sounds I prefer Trader Joes Jo-Jo cookies to Oreos. Yes, I know. I am condemned to eternal snack-damnation in a place where there are no cookies but I like the cream in Jo-Jo’s better, and you don’t have to dunk them as long as you do an Oreo. (We’ll get to dunking verses unscrewing in a moment.)

There is a box of Malley’s Chocolate Covered Oreos in my cupboard. It is calling me...by name.
I was once told during an instruction about full submersion baptism....”Dunk’em like an Oreo. Hold them under till the bubble quit and then bring them up before you lose them.”  
Quick Trivia:  The cookie to cream ratio of an Oreo cookie is 71% to 29%?  (We’re not talking about Double Stuff here.  Just the regular Oreo cookie.)  Also, let’s all agree the Oreo is the chocolate cookie with the white cream in the middle. It might SAY "Oreo" on the package, but if the inside tastes like cinnamon buns or key lime pie, it is NOT an Oreo. It’s a distant cousin at best. Let’s be reasonable here.      
An Oreo is one of the few cookies that is DESIGNED to be interactive.
Some quick facts:
Dunkers tend to be energetic and adventurous. You’re upbeat, and people like hanging out with you. You may tend to sugar coat unpleasantness and rationalize bad situations into good ones.
Twisters tend to be emotional and artistic.
All-In-One Biters are easy going and optimistic. They consume life with abandon are care-free and exciting to be around. 
Regular biters who eat Oreos like every other cookie lack imagination. 5.4 Billion people in the world eat Oreos this way.
Little Nibbles: You always have a million things to do and never enough time to do them.
Twist Apart-Eat the inside-Toss the cookie part...you take risks, and it often pays off for you. You know what you want, and you make it. Screw the world...you’re looking out for number one.
Twist Apart-Eat the inside and then eat the cookie: You have a curious nature and take pleasure in breaking things to find out how they work. You are meticulous but destroy the evidence.
Eat the cookie, not the cream. You know, it’s okay to relax once-in-awhile. Not everything is work or a challenge.
Twist and lick. - There is something wrong with you. Seek help.
Men, in general, tend to be biters. Women tend to dunk.
Democrats tend to twist.
Republicans generally dunk.      
The “test cookie” version of the Oreo did not have a second cookie top. They were, and the cream was shaped like a hill. Imagine a snow-covered mountain. Some believe this is where the name came from.  “Oro” in Greek meant “mountain” or “uphill climb” In some ways Oro is something you have to work at.   
So let’s go with that for a moment. Oreos are “interactive”  ORO means to go uphill, to take the harder journey, to actually work at something...like unscrewing your cookie before you eat it.
Check the Greek scriptures, and you’ll see a lot of references to ORO. Jesus went up and down the mountains. One of my favorite stories involves Jesus being chased by mob up a hill to throw him off the cliff. (Cool story.I’ll write about that another time.)
But there is that verse in Corinthians. It’s right before the wedding verse about love being patient and kind.  It says “I could have the ability and understanding the workings of the universe and could move mountains (ORO) but did not have love others...I have nothing."
Love is the key.  Love is interactive.  Yes, you can write, but if you don’t write with LOVE, then you aren’t writing much. You can build buildings but if you don’t LOVE what you do, what is the point? You can teach, preach, sing, study, cook, clean...but if you don’t put LOVE into the job it’s not going to be worth it.
LOVE what you do.
LOVE is the interactive part of the universe.
Nobody LOVEs cleaning a toilet, but if you clean a TOILET with love in your heart, it makes a difference.
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with love is better than the one you buy off a cart.
LOVE counts.
LOVE matters.
Do all things with LOVE.
Unscrew life. Dunk life. Nibble Life. 
Live with love in all things. Make it part of your daily routine.


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