What Others Are Saying:

Steve Case, through his emersion into the story, reminds us that the presence of the divine surrounds us continually and he teaches us how to tap into that presence.

 - Mary Beth Howe, Author:A Baptist Among Jews


The Story of Weatherman Henry

Weatherman Henry was low on the totem
New at the station he just felt he owed them.
They gave him the job of standing outside
With flood water rising and the winds blowing by
Category one followed by two three and four
He’d never seen winds like these ones before
In his news center slicker he’d report from the street
In rain horizontal, now that was just neat
Henry was clutching whatever was heavy
He ducked just in time to be missed by a Chevy
Park benches
And bottles
And aluminum siding
A general’s bronze statue
And the horse he was riding
With Tad and Jennifer bone dry at the station
Poor Henry outside in the destructive rotation
Face dripping with rain and soaked to the skin
Henry couldn’t believe the spot he was in.
“Get out of the city” the radios had screamed
“Stay out in the rain and your head will get beamed.”
Even the rescue boats wouldn’t come near
And all Henry had was his matching rain gear.
Flood waters rising past poor Henry’s nose
He floated down main street
Where all water goes
Over embankments and through the town bank.
He even kept smiling as his camera man sank
Holding the camera and coming to you live.”
Henry wasn’t sure if he would survive.
When back in the newsroom heard a soft chuckling
While the door he was riding had just started buckling
“SCREW YOU Tad,” he said live on the air
“And people should know that’s not your real hair
And you Miss Jenny so out of the weather
You’d be out of a job if your knees were together.”
It was Henry’s last rant he’d make it all count
He last chance on air to settle accounts
He bashed his jerk boss and the on air producer
Who’d turned him down flat when he tried to seduce her
Out in the ocean his final broadcast
He’d die there a legend his name unsurpassed
Until the next storm, the next hurricane
Live from the scene its weatherman Wayne.

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