I've been editor of GROUP Magazine for more than 20 years, and in all that time I've never met ANYone who combines youth ministry savvy, boundary-bending creativity, spiritual impact, and humor the way Steve Case can.  He's unique in the world of youth ministry.  You'll see exactly what I mean if you decide to partner with him for your event, retreat, or conference. 

-Rick Lawrence, Executive Editor: GROUP Magazine





The Trinity Talks take a closer look at the concept of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit as one being.  These talks can be lead as one over several session or each one can be a stand alone keynote.   Each talk focuses on one of the "big three". 

THE FATHER: Lets look at the creation story.  In this retelling of the creation we meet a God who wanders down a beach that wasn't there a moment ago and decides recess is a good idea.  In this creation story God is down on his knees in the mud,  He is eating apples and flicking the seed the way a junior higher flicks a booger.  The God is this talk has dirt under his fingernails.  Steve will take you through the creation and into great moments of 60's science fiction, and then into the ways the apostle Paul brought the Old Testament writings into his newest work.  We learn that the creation is finished.  Since the moment it all began we have been in partnership with the creator in making the world around us a wonderful place.

THE SON: The "Son" talk begins with a Python-esque version of Jesus healing the blind beggar. Before we can see Jesus as the Son of God we must see him as the flesh and blood human being.  The extraordinary story-teller with hands that could heal and a laugh that  brought you into his teachings. In the Son talk Steve walks us through a new understanding of turning the other cheek.  This was not a sign of weakness but a way of taking the power back from those who laud it over you.  In many ways it is one of Jesus most misunderstood and most subversive teachings. Steve unpacks this well known story with humor and insight and leaves the listener walking away thinking..."Whoa...I never saw it that way."

THE HOLY SPIRIT:  We begin with the story of Bezalel.  He was a friend of Moses (probably a teenager) and, a first, a lost soul wandering the desert wonder who he was supposed to be.  In one glorious moment God lifts Bezalel and breathes into him the spirit of God.  We learn about the "divine breath"....The "INSPIRITUS"....The places of INSPIRATION that speaks to us all if only we are willing to listen.  The Holy Spirit talk examines the spirit that connects us all. 

Each talk can stand alone or be part of a larger package. All keynotes can be tailored to the theme of your convention or conference.



Based on the book of the same title Steve uses his unique abilities as a storyteller to bring us intimately into the lives of some of the Bible's greatest heroes.  

* Ride along into the mountains with Abraham and Isaac

* Spend the night in the lion's den with Daniel

* Get knock off your horse with Saul

* Climb to the top of a mountain and scream at the storm with Job

* Stand toe-to-toe with a giant crazy naked guy who can't stop the voices in his head

* Venture to an early morning tomb with Mary of Magdela.

* and more


"Steve has this amazing ability to bring you right into the story so you feel like you are right there...wrestling the angel along with Jacob."